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How to arrive

Don’t think twice and come visit us… We must warn you that it is not very easy to park your car here, so either you teleport yourself to us or you take the catalan ferrocarrils line S55 and S2 to the Sant Joan train station.
If you are willing to take the risk to come here by car, you can pray for Google Maps or to come through C-16, exit 12 and -13 (with toll) or C-58 and B-30 Exit Rubi N./ Sant Cugat. C./E-9/C-16/ Terrassa/Manresa(free), you arrive flying in. See you soon!


Avenida Alcalde Barnils, 72 2ª planta
Edificio CUBIC
P.E. Can Sant Joan
08174 – Sant Cugat del valles