Activate the energy and power of the new Adidas shoes. Discover the difference with the interactive showcase for visitors in La Maquinista shopping center in Barcelona. 

What you choose, X15 or Ace?


Digital launch of Adidas soccer shoes with hardware selection (screens, pushbutton capacities, tablet PC and lighting environment), software configuration for the screens synchronization and equipment installation. 


Creation of the X15 and Ace campaign video materials for the audience personalized viewing. Content, software and light ambiance creating together the user experience when the button is pressed. Bale video included.


UX Design, UI design, and Broadsign Implementation: the Digital Signage software that allows to manage the contents synchronization between screens or frames, campaign management and contents through triggers, every time that the button is activated or the screen touched.  


Installation control by the remote control system management DCBOX and Broadsign to be able to know the state of each computer equipment. Push / pull  sytem surveillance with remote access to the PC in order to adjust the capacitive sensitivity of the ultrasonic sensors.