Well-informed tourists first and foremost. GoTV, 35 minutes information and entertainment for tourists that arrive at Barcelona on the bus, the shuttle that connects every 5 minutes the airport with the city center. A digital circuit in motion with visual and sound announcement of the stops. 

GoTV, a movement channel.

Digital Signage Circuit

The Digital board is located in the 32 Aerobus vehicles, and in each one there are 4 screens in the front and in the center. It also has a PC, a voice system for blind people, a GPS communication system and a door opening warning signal.


GoTV, a city tourist information channel about history, monuments to visit, parties, cultural agenda and activities. Stops are announced in advance. They show correct use of transport videos, ads and advertising.


With the DS software (Broadsign) all the contents and hardware equipment are managed. This moving circuit has 3G connections, so you need to have a major control of the dynamic content and video downloads.


GoTV has dynamic content that is managed from the DCBOX, a CMS software that allows content in constant updating. On the other hand and due to the GPS module, the vehicle position information and the next stop indication are displayed.