An entertainment content channel in the long routes Alsa’s buses. Travelling was never that funny with new films, series, documentaries and even cartoons. In the bus stations a place where communicate the new promotions and events of Alsa’s cities.

Two channels for two medium but only one customer.


This year we are using for the first time the Ociobus channel artwork, to offer more dynamism and modernity to the medium. This change is made with the creation of establishing shots sections, services information, autopromotions and the fly. 


The Ociobus channel is 8 hours of video production that include new films, TV series, nature content, videogame news, hidden camera pranks and trips. Every week is updated with the highlight news. 


The content is watermarked and includes a fly to protect the copyright. We have a methodical sending procedure of the materials, which includes encrypted packages. 

Digital Signage

In the 4 bus stations, Alsa has a DS channel where the passengers can check news, weather information, cultural agenda or advices to their travel.