One of the greatest outdoor advertising operators in Spain conquers the digital in the airport and kiosks of Barcelona. A new advertising circuit where the screens synchronization and large formats become a success.

Digital airports to illuminate publicity.


The airports digital circuit has 198 advertising spots distributed mostly in Madrid and Barcelona,  but also in Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Seville. The formats are large video-walls and double-sided vertical mupis.


Advertisers have a 25-minute loop of which they can hire a quarter with ads ranging from 15 to 30 seconds. The ad has no sound so it has to be visually shocking, and have an attractive and direct copy as well. 


Half of the circuit is managed by Broadsign, a software that allows managing content and hardware equipment. Besides, It has an adverstising campaigns management function that offers information of the number of times it has been reproduced on the screen. 


Broadsign has an incidents proactive reporting that shows if the screens have lost connectivity or if they are off. DCBox Local offers the possibility of remote access to the system to recover it to the original condition.