TMTFactory had to accompany Venis in the presentation of its new High-Tech ceramics. This world-wide company in the manufacture of tiles, stoneware and porcelain has formed a pioneering mineral material, and our videos had to show it to everyone! 

Venis genesis.


Venis has created, from the mixture of different particles that have been compacted, a totally homogenous mineral material that can be designed and customized. Our designers compare it to the genesis of the universe where “Change is the only constant”. As the Porcelanosa group, which always innovates and reinvent. The main idea is that the result of the video was excellent as Venis High-Tech ceramics, which after a complex and careful work, obtains pieces of singular, optimal and very natural finish. 


This 3D video represents the new Venis product genesis, where meteorites are divided by energy, such as ceramic products by lasers. The lava originates new beings like the process of cooking compacts different minerals and, therefore, the High-Tech plates are created. The techniques and video effects are numerous as the effects range that can be achieved after the minerals manipulation.