If Ikea doesn’t have all its products on display, that’s okay! TMTFactory is creating and designing an interactive platform that allows you to check, compare and be informed of all the brand product ranges. For now, you can find countertops, knobs and all kinds of doors for your home. Don’t miss it!

The Ikea’s interactive catalog.


To show the logic of the interactive design we have interpreted all the users usability in different positions and solutions. The multi-touch capacitative screen allows you to interact with the Ikea catalog as smoothly as if it were a mobile phone. And due to the connection that we have established with the API´s you will be able to make a list with your favorite products, just to make your life more easier! 


TMTFactory has designed the interactive Ikea catalog, thinking about the position of the screens and their usability. In this case, you can find laminated, wooden or stone countertops. Classic and modern doors. Squares, rectangular and colorful. Each one of the products has it`s descriptive sheet and shows you where to buy it.

Installation – Management

The multi-touch capacitive screens have been installed in the stores with the Broadsign management software by the CMS DCBox, TMTFactory’s own software, which controls the different contents that are presented on the screen.