Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona information system and accesible advertising for blind people. A perfect synchronization between the TMB and the Passeig de Gràcia OPIS.

Arrive everywhere. Fast.


Diagnosis, planning and methodology for the adaptation of the marquee and the information system to blind people. Advertising Plus: display everything with exceptional services for all users.


Waiting time information of the buses that circulate and stop at the digital shelters. A space on the screen is reserved for the public information of the EMT (Metropolitan Transportation Company).


Optimum connection between the data and contents emitted by the EMT in its digital media and the system of management of the digital shelters, Broadsign, with data service integration in real time. 

Systems Integration

A blind user when approaching to the digital shelter can activate the stop sound system of information and timeout information. This integration is made through the integration of the Broadsign and Verbio systems.