Do you want to enter the store of the future? Media Markt’s first urban and digital store is now a reality! A complete omnichannel experience with the least products expression. It allows the visitors to buy and pay in an unattended way through the Virtual Catalogs, collect orders through Reddie robot and even play with an interactive wall in the kids area or with Oculus Rift and other new technologies in the experience zone. 

Digital Store, la tienda del futuro.


Full audiovisual production with 2D, 3D and dynamic content in HTML5 for all types of screens and formats (LEDs, Squares, videowall, projections…) Going through the creation of different usabilities and designs of the applications that allow the purchase process and all kinds of store interactions: choose the music, customize products, take turns, etc. 


Design and implementation of the Virtual Catalog / Digital Locker for unattended retail sale. APIS synchronization, queuing systems, delivery management through the robot, impressions and email sending with different experiences in the store itself. All of this  by the hand of the Broadsign software and the in-house CMS DCBox. 

Digital Signage Solution

DCBox is a Digital Signage system developed by TMTFactory that allows both exhaustive technological and content control of the entire installation. Remote push/pull monitoring of all screens contents, campaign management and customer interaction statistics. 


Study of the different experiences of the consumer, passing through the Costumer Journey, the APIS connection with the purchase system, unattended payment and delivery through boxes or robot, waiting time management, entertainment and gamification processes or products customization among others.