London Taxis go over the city with posted advertising. A DS solution to create and manage dynamic and geolocated ads.

Movement ads all over the streets of London.


Definition of the digital project of London taxis, a difficult enviroment where movement and connections are fragile (3G). Advise and configuration of the hardware, software and dynamic HTML5 content templates.

Advertising Contents

A geolocated advertising circuit in which ads and campaigns are reproduced according to the streets that taxis circulate by. The tool allows to easily and quickly section the London’s map according to the advertising to be shown.


DCBOX CMS module parameterization for the  ads management according to the location indicated by the GPS. In addition, the module connects with a web-server that stores information, distributes it to taxis and activates the positioned campaing. 


Robust system configuration with the hardware equipment provided by the client: MSI for Broadsign Player Linux, GPS device and 2 screens for each taxi. This equipment is connected to internet via 3G.