A space where Ecuadorian beauty and culture join the magic of technology. The Ecuador Pavilion at the Universal Expo in Milan shows us the biodiversity of the country through 5 holographic elements and 5 projections. A fusion that relates the greatness of the land to make us live and enjoy a full sensory experience.

The senses king.


5 Holographic productions of the equinoctial line and most relevant products of Ecuador: tuna, banana, shrimp, cacao and rose. Creation of 2 minutes 4 audiovisuals and 5 minutes large format production.  


In this project we have the Digital Signage software Broadsign, the manager of all the Pavilion audiovisuals elements. Dynamic templates creation in order to inform of the edifice events and agendas. 


In each of the holographic cabinet has been installed an odor emission system that can activate the viewer senses and reinforce the visual history and sculptures to transmit a full museum experience. 


6 projectors distributed in two areas: museum room and final project room, where two blending projectors has been incorporated to generate an amazing 6 meters screen. The holographic equipment is the HD3 Dreamoc.