If you had been to the XXII Shows International of Architecture of Porcelanosa inauguration, the Kinect interactive screens at the exhibition entry would have blown your mind. Only with gesture, the screens understand your instructions ¡Not even need to touch them!

Screens that read you.


Interactive design. It showed you the diverse exhibition spaces and described you what these harbour: from bath design information to the most characteristics shots of his architects, with photos and videos included. 


The videowall that incorporates the interaction through Kinect has some asymmetric shapes, which creates a different set of that the Noken showroom visitors are accustomed. 


The hardware equipment features a Kinect element that with his infrared technology allows us to capture the silhouetes and bones of the person that executes the action on the screening. In addition to a 4k screen, it has a large graphical resources player that has 9 video exits simultaneously synchronized to the whole visual canvas.  


Kinect technology allows the users to control and interact with the interactive without a physical contact. The programming language chosen for this interactive project was Unity, which allows us to work with kinect interactive events and get the possibility of 3D visualization.