With the Porcelanosa XXII International Exhibition of Global Architecture presentation, visitors surrender to the most exclusive bathroom design of the Anglo-American architect Zaha Hadid. Our contribution is through fantastic mappings that we have created exclusively for Noken, where the brand has the opportunity to present the future’s bathroom with new product ranges in an exhibition room totally remodeled for the occasion.

Mapping. The future bath.


Water, wind and nature are the ones in charge of guiding the spectators during all the projection of the skyscrapers and pollution of a city. At the top of one of the buildings is the bathroom designed by Hadid, the noise and pollution refuge. This inspiration comes from architectural designs given by the projection of natural elements. 


The videomapping projected on bath real objects is inspired by the movement of water and wind. The subjects of the bath are highlighted one by one, accompnied by the sounds of nature and the piano. The audiovisual assembly has been designed to match the sinuosity, ergonomics and natural origin of the design.

Installation – Software Broadsign

With a careful Broadsign programming and the mini robots conjuction, in TMTFactory we took care of opening the curtain behind the spectators and give way to the mapping projection, allowing the space automation and screens synchronization. 

Installation – Hardware

It has generated an immersive room with real objects projection, creating an atmosphere and presentation of Noken’s new products. This has required 3 5700 lumens LCD projectors with 0.8-1 Zoom Ultra-Optical Lenses and 3 PCs with graphic cards specialised in HD (High Definition) projections.