Thanks to the app “My zoo animals” by RBA editorial group, the children will see how their drawings will play itself out thanks to augmented reality. Colour the different characters of “My zoo animals” and you will see how they will turn into 3D figures inside your tablet or Smartphone.

Don’t forget to feed your lion.

User Interface

Design of the Zoo Animals’ user interface of the AR app. All interactive buttons and help menus have been designed thinking of the children who will run the product.  


This AR app allows kids to see zoo animals throughout the Smartphone or tablet as if they were alive at home. But there is a newness: they will have the colours that they used on the RBA collectable.


This collection has 60 animals. A lion, kangaroo, penguin, chimpanzee and giraffe  are the ones that will come alive in 3D. Available and translated for its use in Spain, UK, Italy and Portugal.

Social Networks

Once kids have played, they can take a picture of themselves and upload it in social networks. In addition, kids can register into the app to receive a warning when AR+ animals get unblocked. By then you will be ready to buy them at your neighborhood’s news kiosk.