A multi-opi wayfinding and a large LED flag at the Siam Mall in Tenerife, a dream place where you will find everything you are looking for.

Thai Gods will guide our steps.


The mupis show the locals and active trade marks of the center and the most direct and accessible way to go to each place. The wayfinding system avoids disorientation and prevents stress, adapting the routes to the chosen location according to the user location.


In the Siam Mall door waves a LED display where the contents show the aesthetic of the center, full of symetrical details. Digital mupis displays contents of mall activities for adults and kids, in addition to a complete wayfinding.


Content of the module parametrization (CMS) for the spaces management and premises of the shopping center. Immediate stores update logos and locations as well as the contents of the center’s cultural agenda and advertisements.


All digital signaling equipment is fully controled by the management and maintaining softwares DCBox and Broadsign, with remote reset and operations statistics. SLA pull / push and remote surveillance.