Make the fish queue without losing your nerves. Superamara has put a Digital Signage channel with creative content focused on the fish and meat quality, products innovation and information to their clients. Buying on the super won’t be the same!

North foodies, here you have your digital guide. 

DS circuit

Quick update channel in the 8 supermarkets of localities around San Sebastián, updated according to offers and messages of each center. 16 screens and 18 videowalls managed and monitored remotely thanks to DCBox. 


Fast and efficient communication, creation of the graphic line of the channel following the corporate aesthetics. Video content made in Motion Graphic or HTML5 as promotions, offers, services and cultural agenda.


DS channel advertising quick update with superior return on investment versus traditional media, enhaces the company’s image a vis-a-vis competitors and increased sales on 10%.


Television is still important in the publicity and we want Superamara to be on all the sites. TMTFactory makes agency work to generate Superamara ads for television with 2D and 3D elements as well.