Digitalization project of the Valencia C.F Megastore. An unique experience to the football lovers with an amount of 82 screens distributed in videowalls, interactive screens and a personalized management orders system.

A surprising robot dance.

Digital Locker

Implementation of the Adidas product customization and sales system from touch screens. Integration of stock and order management (DCBOX) of the store.

Digital Signage

Configuration of the remote content management system. Development of videowalls management app with multiple TV entries and content channels for the Sportbar Valencia C.F.


Creation of the audiovisual channel for different videowalls of the Megastore and Sportbar. Development of such content Motion Graphic and dynamic content HTML5 from RSS.


Interactive Apps for Surfaces puzzles. Connectivity and interaction with the Kuka Robot for the delivery of orders through the Scan of the ticket purchase or from the touch screens.